Business coaching provides a platform for continuous professional development. I coach managers in a range of industries, enabling them to develop greater confidence to improve their own performance and that of their teams.

For senior managers, coaching provides a confidential sounding board to explore difficult decisions and to look at the implications of experimenting with new ways of working.

Coaching gives managers access to an external resource to explore areas for development in a neutral environment. It can assist resolving conflict amongst staff members, increase staff commitment and increase moral and productivity in the workplace.

My South Wales corporate clients include a pharmaceutical company, a care agency, a Local Authority and a manufacturer of diagnostic products. Coaching has covered performance issues, difficulties in decision making, feelings of overwhelm, issues associated with stress, confidence building and dealing with challenges around relocation, redundancy and outplacement.

Business coaching benefits employees and employers as it helps managers motivate staff, resulting in a productive working environment. Instead of the typical ‘team-building’ activities that many businesses partake in, coaching offers practical solutions to get to the heart of the business and improve moral and motivation.

In these difficult times when many people are being made redundant, employees feel they are under increasing pressure to work harder to keep their jobs. This can cause burn-out, illness, and other stress- related problems which can lead to time off. I can visit employees who are on sick leave at home, help plan a graduated return-to-work programme in a structured way and enable them to develop coping strategies prior to or upon their return to work.

Some clients may be eligible for coaching sessions via one of the private health schemes managed by insurers such as Aviva.

I offer face-to-face workplace coaching as well as telephone coaching. The latter currently enables me to work with clients in London, Ashford, Cheltenham and Glasgow.

I also write an Advice Column in a bi-monthly Cardiff magazine called Radyr Chain, dealing with common problems of feeling stuck, difficulty sleeping, relationship issues and responding to reader’s questions.