“Discussion around the true nature of the problems faced allowed me to take a more reasoned view of the issues. This led both to better decisions being made and reduced work related anxieties, resolving a specific health issue.
"Working with Jane also cleared a long standing situation where the experience of the past was colouring opportunities in the present and future. This has allowed me to take up a more positive position at the start of each day which in turn has meant opportunities for change can be explored that would previously have remained unresolved.”
Philip, Caerphilly

"Jane has enabled me to manage my workload and my personal life through a period of frequent change and stressful activities. Jane has challenged me to understand my behaviour and to change the way that I deal with situations so that I get the results that I need. Jane’s style is gentle and caring but to the point. I come away from each of our sessions with new tools to deal with everyday life and a clear direction to work through difficult situations to achieve my goals."
Sharon, Cardiff

“Sometimes it can be lonely at the top. Working with Jane has provided me with insight and space, giving me the clarity to consider business decisions in a far more objective way. I would definitely recommend her!”
Andrew Jones, Cardiff

"The domiciliary care sector has a pretty poor reputation for staff turnover and this made it difficult to meet organisational aspirations. We decided we must change our culture and to become a ‘people organisation’ and an ‘employer of choice’. Jane helped us to reflect on what we did well and what we needed to change about ourselves in order for us to influence our workforce. Jane enabled us to develop the skills and attitudes required to reinforce our new branding. Our turnover is less and surveys suggest we are a happier organisation."
Linda Morgan, Beechley Support Services, Cardiff

“Jane is a caring and thoughtful coach who uses her own life experiences to empathise with her clients. I have found her style to be very calming and yet challenging and this has helped me to face and deal with sensitive issues which I would not have otherwise addressed. I would recommend Jane as a coach to anyone!”
Angela Smith, Hemel Hempsted

“I have been coached by Jane now for about 3 sessions and to be honest I do look at situations more positively now both in work and at home. Now when I experience a problem, instead of moping about it, I’m able to do something about it!”
Brian Swann, Cardiff

“Thanks again for all your help/patience/perseverance over the last year! I’m really glad I came to talk to you, your help has made my life much easier to live :) ”
Caroline Wakefield, Bridgend